Sirpa Tapaninen

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Have you ever wondered why children move with such lightness and ease? They don’t suffer from back pain, head ache, tennis elbow of insomnia. The secret is the way they use their body and mind.

The Alexander technique is a method that teaches us to perceive what it is that we do to ourselves that prevents us from functioning effortlessly and with the greatest possible ease.

You can learn the Alexander technique in private lessons and courses. The teacher guides the pupil with her hands, showing when the pupil shortens her/ his neck and thus affects the whole of her/ his body-mind. After several lessons the pupil learns to perceive themselves when dysfunctional use of the self starts and how it can be stopped.

The Alexander technique benefits anybody who is interested in one’s own wellbeing and self-development. Examples of people using the technique include office workers, professional speakers, health workers, actors, singers, riders, dancers and yoga practitioners.

A common experience after an Alexander lesson is that of relief and lightness. Moving, carrying the body and breathing feel easy. Many pupils experience changes in their voice when speaking and singing because after a lesson there are less restrictions in breathing. Pain and unease caused by the pupils’ unconscious habitual use get reliefed and gradually fade away.

Sirpa Tapaninen

Sirpa Tapaninen has trained to be an Alexander teacher for 3 years in Finland and in England

Since 2002 she has given private lessons and courses in various parts of Finland. Read More!

It is a wonderful experience to be able to release my neck, I almost get dizzy every time! Amazing how little work it takes with the teacher before your muscles remember it for you. Susanna, 34. Read More!