Sirpa Tapaninen

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Apart from private lessons the technique is also taught in courses of varying length. During a course we go through the basics of the technique and we carry out various kinds of activities alone, with a partner and in small groups. The purpose of all activities and exercises is to learn to perceive how we use ourselves and how releasing the neck affects our use.

Courses may contain experiments on applying the technique on participants’ everyday life activities. These activities can be anything from putting your shoes on to singing or riding a bicycle. Often participants wish to experiment on activities that have to do with their profession/ work. A typical activity would be using a computer. During these activities the teacher guides the pupil with her hands and while other participants observe how the activity changes when Alexander technique is applied.

A typically requested course is a two-day weekend course. You can also have a course of your own e.g. at your work place or for your hobby group. In these cases we taylor the length and contents of the course to suit your needs.